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Hair for You – #1 Hair Replacement in Massapequa, serving all of Long Island. No other company offers the same wide range of services at a more reasonable price than we do, no one!

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Going through hair loss or a drastic thinning of your hair is hard. With Hair for You, however, you won’t be alone in this. We have the perfect hair replacement solution that will help you to overcome hair loss and regain your self-confidence. Your days of living with the embarrassing effects of thinning hair will be your past.

We Sell Customized Hair Products too!

At Hair for You, we also offer customized wigs, hair coloring, extensions, hair systems, and more. You won’t find a more unique collection at the same price anywhere in Long Island.

High-quality Hair Loss Prevention Products

To tackle your hair loss problem at the root, we carry a full line of products to help prevent further hair loss while promoting growth. Hair for You has just the right products that guarantee a healthier hair at a price you can afford.

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Our treatment rooms are private, so you can receive our expert services discreetly. Whether you need hair replacement, hair coloring, and more, you’ll get it. We may also accommodate same-day services!

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Hair Replacement FAQ

I hate surgery but I’m losing my hair fast. Is there a friendlier solution?
At Hair for You, we offer numerous non-surgical hair replacement solutions. On your first consultation, we’ll go over all options to help you understand them.
We’ll consider your hair loss degree, your lifestyle, and then, settle for the one that will meet your specific needs. Long after your hair replacement appointment, you’ll enjoy a beautiful, classy look.
What makes non-surgical hair loss solutions better than surgical solutions?
Non-surgical hair loss solutions are non-invasive yet very effective in increasing your hair density. You don’t require a donor area and there is no chance of failed results.
Non-surgical hair replacements will be a perfect fit for you if you previously had a not-so-successful hair transplant.
I live a very active lifestyle. Do I still qualify for hair replacement?
Absolutely! Hair for You offers a wide range of hair replacement options. When you come for your initial consultation, we’ll choose the option that works perfectly for you.
Why should I choose Hair for You?
  • You’ll get your treatment in private
  • Our prices are affordable
  • We have over 30 years of experience
  • You’ll enjoy FREE Wi-Fi when getting your treatment
  • Your hair replacement results will last longer
Will everyone I interact with know that I went through a hair replacement process?

We offer customized hair loss solutions that will perfectly blend with your hair. This way no one that interacts with you will know if you underwent a hair replacement. 

Whether they tug at it or look very closely, your secret is safe with you!

Are there products that will prevent further hair loss?

Hair for You stocks some of the leading hair loss preventive products that include:

  • CirraDerm Products
  • Cirrus Products

You’ll also get a complimentary consultation with your purchase. And, if you need further treatment, we’ll use our private rooms to preserve your privacy.

How long does non-surgical hair loss solution last?

It depends on the quality of the hair replacements products and how well you take care of your hair. Most of our clients come back for a new replacement after 3 to 5 months which makes this a worthy investment.

After your treatment, the professional working on your hair will give you some great aftercare tips. By following these tips, you’ll make the results last much longer.

Will I have to remove the hairpiece additions just like wigs?
With our hair replacement solutions, you’ll not need to take off the hair additions. The new hair will become a part of you and you’ll go on with your life just like before.
Whether you want to go swimming or participate in sports, your new hair will never be a hindrance.
How much will I pay for my hair replacement?
We offer hair replacement solutions based on your needs and, your present hair condition. On this basis, it is not possible to know how much you’ll pay.
To get your estimated cost, call us or pay us a visit for a free, no-obligation consultation.
Which hair replacement options does Hair for You offer?

Hair for You offers men and women hair replacement services that will reverse your condition. Among the services you’ll get from us include:

  • Hairpieces
  • Hair Systems Solutions
  • Toupee
  • Hair coloring & Repairs
What are hair systems?

Hair replacement systems refer to hair that is attached to a light base. At Hair for You, we offer custom-made hair systems made especially for you. It’ll be hard for anyone to realize that the hair on your head is not natural.

Your hair system will match with your natural hair to give you a more natural, classy look.

Will there be limitations on the hairstyle I can comb my hair?

The amazing thing about Hair for You hair replacement methods is that you can style your hair in any style. Whether you want to comb backward to show off your beautiful hairline or any other style, you’ll have no limitations.

Do you only use one size of hairpieces?

We stock all hairpiece sizes so you can have your preferred size at all times. From very short, medium-sized or longer hairpieces, we’ll choose the one that will look perfect on you.

What are the benefits of non-surgical hair replacement?

Unlike surgical solutions where you need to meet some specifications, our hair replacement solutions are for everyone. Man or woman, young or old, Hair for You has the perfect hair loss solution for you.

Hair systems are non-invasive: you don’t have to go through the pain and discomfort associated with surgical hair replacement. Our professional will simply attach a mesh containing matching hair on your scalp. 

There are times when surgical hair replacement fails but this is not the case for hair systems. You are assured of getting positive results.